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Leadership for Transition (LiFT)

LiFT has started as a EU funded GRUNDTVIG project for life long learning and sustainable education (2013-2015). From 2015-2018 it has continued as a Strategic Partnership (Erasmus+).

From 2019-2022, it continues as LiFT 3.0 - politics.

 Leadership for Transition (LiFT) brings together innovative researchers, practitioners and citizens engaged in the fields of leadership, education and societal transition to promote more integrative, more effective and thus more sustainable ways of living in Europe and beyond. The project rationale holds that in times of multidimensional crisis, leadership increasingly needs to empower individuals and society at large to take over responsibility for working towards the common good.

LiFT therefore has two goals:

First, it creates a forum for researchers, practitioners and civic activists in the above mentioned fields to exchange knowledge and experience as to the personal, social and cultural skills which professional and civic leaders must possess in order to encourage and empower other people towards civic initiatives towards sustainability.

Second, LiFT trains (potential) leaders and interested citizens to be more effective in supporting eco-system transitions (Scharmer 2009) on local, regional, national and transnational levels and to make the necessary changes in their private and/or professional lives.

During our Strategic Partnership, we have developed a train-the-trainer course program with learning materials which are available since 2018 on the LiFT website.

One of the methods used is the Collaboratory, a collaborative multi-perspective, multi-stakeholder dialogue forum aiming at engaging relevant actors in a collective visioning process around "big" social challenges.

Project website:

Project leader: Dr. Elke Fein


Upcoming events:

New Strategic Partnership: Leadership for Transition 3.0 - Politics, 2019-2022


Previous events:

LiFT Summer School on "Social Entrepreneurship", Vienna (Austria), July 2-8, 2018


10. LiFT workshop: "Education for Sustainable Communities", Sibenik Hub for Ecology, Sibenik (Croatia), September 20-23, 2017


9. LiFT workshop: "Gemeinschaftskinder", Ökodorf 7Linden, Pfingsten 2017


8. LiFT workshop: "Adaptive Learning and Job Creation in the Digital  Age", Trondheim (Norway), Sept. 30-Oct 1, 2016


7. LiFT workshop: "Making Politics more Collaborative", as part of the Almedalen week, Gotland (Sweden), July 3-10,2016


6. LiFT workshop: Hosting the Benelux Pop-Up University for Transition, Luxembourg, November 18-20, 2015


5. LiFT workshop: Impact Leadership Track for "Trust & integrity in the global economy (TIGE)", Caux (Switzerland), June 26-July 1, 2015.

More info here


4. LiFT workshop on "The future of organization(s)", Vienna (Austria), November 21-22, 2014

Report here

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Workshop call and more info here


3. LiFT workshop "Why School? A visioning workshop about the future of education", Stockholm (Sweden), August 22-24, 2014

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2. LiFT workshop "Co-creating Collective Intelligence for Complex Challenges", Trondheim (Norway), February 28-March 01, 2014


1. LiFT workshop: Kick-off meeting, Freiburg (Germany), October 03-05, 2013


Global Repository of Integral Research

One of the projects launched by IFIS is about building a global collective repository on integral and likeminded research worldwide making use of the latest Web 2.0 technology. Global and collective means that multilingual information of any format can be very easily fed into and retrieved from the system by a any member of a geographically distributed community of researchers. The participating researchers commit to respect certain standards and procedures in order to maintain the systems' performance, coherence and relevance. The steadily growing repository is covering information pertaining to IFIS' pluralistic understanding of integral approaches across various interconnected categories like:

  • historical and contemporary researchers and their publications
  • academic journals and book series
  • projects, events and funding opportunities
  • initiatives, institutions, and post-secondary educational programmes.

Project leader: Dr. Markus Molz


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14. Oktober, 2020.
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2-Tagesworkshop zu Theorie U in Jahnishausen am 3./4.10.2020. Flyer auf Facebook


Tagesworkshop zu Theorie U in Freiburg am 19.10.2019


IFIS has been awarded funding for its Strategic Partnership Leadership for Transition (LiFT) 3.0 - Politics (Erasmus+).


IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 8 (2018/19) ist erschienen, download hier.

IFIS' Newsletter N° 8 (2018/19 - English version) is now available, download here.



IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 7 (2017/18) ist erschienen, download hier.

IFIS' Newsletter N° 7 (2017/18 - English version) is now available, download here.


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IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 6 (Frühjahr 2016) ist erschienen, download hier


"Learning Transition/La transition s'apprend", LiFT-Workshop Luxemburg, 18.-20.11.2015


Fortsetzung LiFT-Projekts als Strategische Partnerschaft bewilligt! Mehr hier.


IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 5 (Frühjahr 2015), download hier


IFIS-Herbstklausur 2014 "Integrale Konfliktlösung", 28.-30.11.2014, CH-Bassecourt


"The future of organization(s)", LiFT workshop Vienna (Austria), November 21-22, 2014. Read report


"Why School?" A visioning workshop about the future of education. LiFT Workshop Stockholm (Sweden), August 22-24, 2014

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Infos zur Diskussion über den ESM 

Börsen-Experte Dirk Müller zum ESM

Interview mit Wolfgang Hetzer zur Finanz- und Schuldenkrise

Benzin aus Sand. Interview mit Dr. Peter Plichta

IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 3 (Januar 2012), Download hier als PDF.


31.5.-2.6.2013: Symposium "Adult Development Research meets Social Sciences – Applications in various disciplines", gemeinsam mit der ESRAD, CfP und weitere Informationen hier


27.-30.9.2012: IFIS-Herbstklausur zum Thema: "Wissenschaft 3.0 - integrales Metakognitionstraining", Saig/Schwarzwald
Information und Anmeldung hier

 3.-6.5.2012: "Integral ecology and ways of sustainable living", Seminar im Rahmen einer Grundtvig-Lernpartnerschaft (Freiburg)


20.-22.4.2012: Arbeitstreffen Methodenentwicklung integrale Hochschulbildung (intern)


IFIS-Herbstklausur 18.-20.11.2011

Symposium Wissenschaftliches Forschen

7.-8.10.2011, Kassel (gemeinsam mit dem Deutschen Kollegium für Transpersonale Psychologie und Psychotherapie, DKTP )


11.-16. Juni 2011
6 Tage integrale Forschung und Begegnung im Südschwarzwald


"Wirtschaft ohne Wachstum?!" Vorlesungsreihe des Studium Generale, Universität Freiburg im SS 2011

IFIS-Februar-Klausur 2011
mit integralem Forschungskolloquium
Freiburg-Schauinsland, 18.-20.2.2011

IFIS-Newsletter Nr. 2

(Dezember 2010)
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IFIS-Mitarbeiter erhält Kapp-Forschungspreis für Ökologische Ökonomie

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Lernen aus der Krise.
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Nr. 1 (Dezember 2009)
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